Druzhba Multipurpose Arena under construction, July 1978. The name "Druzhba" means "friendship alluding to the fact that the pipeline supplied oil to the energy-hungry western regions of the. Surface of the oil pipeline (in Lviv region). Czechoslovakia received first oil in 1962, Hungary in September 1963, Poland in November 1963, and the GDR in December 1963. Druzhba Multipurpose Arena as it appears today. In 2007, German Oil Trading GmbH (GOT) proposed to build a connection from Unecha to Wilhelmshaven with a possible branch to Polish and German oil refineries. "Russia builds Baltic oil pipeline to bypass Belarus". The length of the pipeline in Ukraine is 1,490 kilometres (930 mi in Poland 670 kilometres (420 mi in Hungary 130 kilometres (80 mi in Lithuania 332 kilometres (206 mi in Latvia 420 kilometres (261 mi and in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic together around 400 kilometres (250 mi). Retrieved from " ". 11 The construction of the BPS-2 started on 12 The BPS-2 was completed in 2011 and began to function in late March 2012. The northern branch crosses the remainder of Belarus across Poland to Schwedt in Germany. 6 The orlen Lietuva in Lithuania and Ventspils oil terminal in Latvia are connected to the main pipeline by the branch pipeline from the Unecha junction in Bryansk Oblast (not shown on the map). "Druzhba never gets old". In Brody, the Druzhba pipeline is connected with the Odessa-Brody pipeline, which is currently used to ship oil from the Druzhba pipeline to the Black Sea.

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The continuous disputes were primarily based on transit of natural gas. Joukkuekisan voitti Kangasniemen Reserviläiset 2,8 kg:n yhteis saaliilla. 4 The pipeline begins at Almetyevsk in Tatarstan, the Russian heartland, where it collects oil from western Siberia, the Urals, and the Caspian Sea. 8 Baltic Pipeline System-2 edit Main article: Baltic Pipeline System-II The Baltic Pipeline System-2 (BPS-2) is a pipeline from the Unecha junction of the Druzhba pipeline near the RussiaBelarus border to the Ust-Luga oil terminal at the. The pipe diameter of the pipeline varies from 420 to 1,020 millimetres (17 to 40 in). Today, it is the largest principal artery for the transportation of Russian (and Kazakh) oil across Europe. It carries oil some 4,000 kilometres (2,500 mi) from the eastern part of the European. SchwechatBratislava Oil Pipeline edit The SchwechatBratislava two-way oil pipeline project was proposed in 2003. Russia to points in, ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the, czech Republic and, germany. Russia and Ukraine also agreed on the volume of oil to be transported through Ukraine. International Energy Agency (2003). 13 Proposed extensions edit Druzhba Wilhelmshaven Oil Pipeline edit There have been proposals to the extend northern branch of the Druzhba pipeline towards the German North Sea port of Wilhelmshaven, which would reduce oil tanker traffic in the. The operator in Belarus is Gomeltransneft Druzhba, in Ukraine UkrTransNafta, in Poland pern Przyjazn SA, in Slovakia Transpetrol AS, in the Czech Republic Mero, and in Hungary MOL. These chemical compounds contaminated the pipeline and equipment in Russia and Europe causing an economic impact of billions of dollars. 23 By the 9th of June Belarus announced that it had cleaned up its sector of the pipeline, returning 450,000 tons to Russia in the process, and that limited flow across the Poland border had resumed.

pipeline is connected with the MVL pipeline to Rostock and Spergau. "PM Fradkov orders second leg of Baltic Pipeline System". "450,000 tons of contaminated oil returned to Russia, - Belneftekhim". Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon), held in, prague, adopted a decision and an agreement was signed on construction of a trunk crude oil pipeline from the ussr into Poland, Czechoslovakia, GDR and Hungary. Liity sinäkin jäseneksi, yhteyttä saat myös näiden sivujen kautta! Archived from the original. 3 Technical features edit The pipes for the project were manufactured in the Soviet Union and Poland, while fittings were manufactured in Czechoslovakia. "Russia to redirect massive oil volumes from Druzhba to Baltic pipeline". The capacity of the arena is for 3,500 people and is the regular home venue.

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The Croatian company janaf was responsible for the design of the initial project phase, to reverse the phases of the Adria pipeline (which currently carries oil from the port inland) on the Sisak-Omišalj portion. "Exclusive: Western buyers freeze payments for contaminated oil in extended Russian outage". This branch has ceased operation in 2006 and is not likely to become operational again any time soon. Additionally, unlike previous payments, new payments will be made in Euros, as this was one of Ukraine's demands. 21 22 Estimates of overall contaminated stock, including that still in the pipeline and other stock pumped to tankers or to storage range from 20-40m tons as of end May.

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Operators edit The Russian part of the pipeline is operated by the oil company Transneft through its subsidiary OAO MN Druzhba. The alleged rise in the tariff will be from.8.50 (or.6) per tonne of oil for transiting Ukraine in 2010, and this was implemented due to the decision from the Russian side to raise prices of the energy resources. 20 By late May, a month after contamination was discovered, Russia agreed to take back some of the 8-9m tons of contaminated oil remaining in the pipeline. Also, Ukraine needs substantial investments to update the network on its territory as the pipeline grows older. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Contents, history edit, on 18 December 1958, the 10th session of the. Tänä vuonna emme järjestä kokoperheen talvitapahtumaa ja pilkkikilpailuita koska vuorollamme järjestimme SM-pilkin jonka eteen tehtiin paljon vapaaehtoistyötä, tunteja laskematta. Investigation into the scandal is ongoing with individuals being detained in Russia suspected of having stolen oil and pouring in organochloride to the pipeline to cover up the theft. "Czech concerns over the future of the Druzhba oil pipeline". The line through Slovakia is divided once again near Bratislava : one branch leading in a northwest direction to the Czech Republic and the other going southward to Hungary.