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Liebaert, Julien (Auguste Marie Joseph) (b. Lleras Restrepo Lleras Restrepo, Carlos (Alberto) (b. May 23, 1945, Tampere, Finland Finnish diplomat. June 5, 1891, Providence governor of Rhode Island (1875-77). He was a supporter of the government, opposing movements led by Sun Yat-sen against dictatorship and imperial claims. He has been governor of the Reserve Bank (2009-12 high commissioner to India and Sri Lanka (2013-15) and Kenya (2015-16 and permanent representative to the United Nations (2018- ). March 8, 2017, Toufen, Chiayi county, Taiwan vice president of Taiwan (1990-96). She was Pakistan's first female provincial governor. After Yuan Shikai took power, he was named speaker of parliament, and then the director of the House of Auditors. Having been a brigade commander at the end of the Qing dynasty, he was named commander of the forces in southwestern Guizhou (mainly Anlong and Xingyi counties) after the republic was founded. Lima Lima, Cássio Rodrigues da Cunha (b. He turned to Chiang Kai-shek in 1927, taking up the leadership of the 23rd Army of the National Revolutionary Army. Deng Benying and lost his original defense area.

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5, 1952, South Queensferry viceroy of India (1936-43 son of John Adrian Louis Hope, Marquess of Linlithgow. He was female escorts seuralainen helsinki permanent representative to the female escorts seuralainen helsinki United Nations (1997-2001). After the Boxer outbreak in 1900, it was Li who had to negotiate with the foreign powers. He was ambassador to Spain in 1964-75. He was promoted to an army commander long after graduation from the Sichuan Military College. 9, 1936, near Croydon Aerodrome, Surrey now part of London, England prime minister (1906-11, 1928-30) and foreign minister (1917) of Sweden. He was also minister to France (1801-04). Liao Zhongkai Liao Zhongkai (b. Lin fled to Japan upon the failure of the revolution and joined the Chinese Revolutionary Party (as the Kuomintang was dissolved by Yuan Shikai). However, his forces were put under the leadership of Gen. A Liberal, he entered Parliament in 1890, winning a by-election at Caernarvon Boroughs, the seat he retained for 55 years. Being commander of the 2nd Division, he joined the Northern Expedition. Li Liejun, li Liejun (b. After the election he succeeded Lee Teng-hui as chairman of the Kuomintang, and he was again its presidential candidate in 2004, narrowly losing to Pres. Lippestad, Johan (Andreas) (b. He did not mention plans to ease tight state regulation of the economy. 26, 1965, Beijing, China army minister of China (1924). 16, 1844, Assen, Drenthe, Netherlands -. Later he became minister of finance of the southern government, seated in Guangdong. Livingstone, Susan Morrisey (b. In December 1991 Lilov was replaced as BSP chairman by Zhan Videnov. In 1993, her party was again defeated and she became head of the opposition once more, serving as a member of parliament and political leader of the NVP until 1994. A member of the Labour Party since 1968, he maintained "the only way to achieve socialism in this country is by carrying the mass of the people with you." After winning the May 1981 elections with Andrew McIntosh. When the KMT was reformed in 1924, he was named the head of the Department of Workers, and then Peasants. The assailant, who initially escaped, turned out to be Mijailo Mijailovic, a Swede of Serbian ancestry who apparently was angered by Lindh's support for the nato campaign against Serbia in 1999.